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Our Christmas arrangements make ideal gifts for your friends and family for the festive season, or of course you can order them for yourself.
What's the best way for a man to make a lasting impression on a woman? Recent consumer research shows that the answer to making a memorable impact is right under his nose - through flowers. In fact, the study shows that 92% of women can remember the last time they received flowers, and 89% say receiving flowers makes them feel special

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Christmas Flowers

Like All Saints' Day, this is a big festival on the continent. In Britain, florists and flower arrangers also create designs to include four candles with seasonal flowers and foliage. Plate 27 shows a simple Advent ring based on a polystyrene wreath frame covered with scarlet ribbon. Four small blocks of dry foam were attached with a glue gun, equidistant on the base. The candles, signifying the four weeks leading up to Christmas, must be very safely fixed but while transporting de signs that contain candles it is advisable to remove them. Tape three or four 1.25 mm wires about 5 cm long to each candle. These wire 'legs' drive into the foam block and through to the base. The variegated holly foliage, ribbon bows and everlasting flowers (silver poinsettia) were also attached with a glue gun.


Advent really sets the scene for Christmas, when florists can display a wide selection of arrangements. While Advent designs are limited to the four-candle theme, Christmas displays include planted bowls of all kinds, flowering plants, particularly poinsettias, fresh flower designs, door wreaths, wall and door swags, as well as centerpieces with holly, candles and possibly some ever lasting materials. This involves weeks of planning and hard work. Up to a few years ago, everything was glitter, but now the trend is for more natural effects, including foliage of all kinds, ribbons and candles.
Use them in groups as well as placed sinz and they will look very attractive. float on water: place them with a few open short-stemmed flowers in a shallow and you have an interesting centrepiece.

The Christmas door wreath is also effective if kept relatively simple. One made entirely of cypresses and decorated with a large green and scarlet ribbon some variegated holly foliage and a red artificial berries. It is based on a sir, strand of heavy wire curved around into a circle and finished with a hook. The was then over bound with florist tape and the foliage bound directly on to it, working from the central hook down each side towards the cluster and ribbon area.
Baskets are almost always an appropriate gift, whatever the season. A presentation flowers and fruit would be very acceptable to use as a buffet arrangement or, in for someone in hospital. The design is based in a large shallow basket. flowers are set in a plastic container IT firmly to one side of the handle while fruit is arranged on the other side. Five scarlet roses, some yellow freesia orange and red bouvardia are design an asymmetrical three-point plan. The fruit is grouped and supported with layers paper, the out-of-season strawberries set in a small paper frill. There can be a problem of balance when composing baskets with both fruit and flowers so it is advisable to keep checking as you add the fruit that when the design is held handle it does not tip.




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